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P4P Working Group (P4PWG) Membership

The P4P Working Group (P4PWG) was established in July 2007 at the direction of DCIA Member companies Pando Networks and Verizon Communications to be conducted under the auspices of the DCIA pursuant to the trade association’s guidelines for such activities. At the formative meeting of the P4PWG, representatives of Pando and Verizon were elected as Co-Chairs.

Membership in the P4PWG was initially organized in two Groups: 1) Core Participants; and 2) Observers.

Qualifications for Core Participants are that their primary business be either a) Internet service provider (ISP) providing broadband access service to consumers; or b) peer-to-peer (P2P) software developer or distributor providing file-sharing service to consumers.  

For such P4PWG Core Participants, there is no cost to participate in the P4PWG and no pre-requisite for acceptance into the P4PWG, such as DCIA Membership. The P4PWG is open to all ISPs and P2Ps on a global basis, subject only to the approval of the P4PWG Co-Chairs.

In addition, DCIA Member companies in good standing are entitled as a privilege of Membership to participate in the P4PWG.

Qualifications for Observers are that their primary business be relevant to the Mission of the P4PWG. In addition to the qualifications for Core Participants (i.e., certain ISPs and P2Ps may elect to be Observers rather than Core Participants), this also includes vendors, suppliers, and researchers whose work centers on the P4PWG Mission. Acceptance as a P4PWG Observer is subject to the approval of the P4PWG Co-Chairs.

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