Member Benefits

Connections You Can Bank On

You want to connect with the best. If you’re a large company, you want help navigating among a plethora of start-ups to find the right vendors and suppliers. If you’re an emerging firm, you need to show what you’re building. Become known. Get financing. Find customers. Attract partners. How do you do all that?


When you join, we take care of you. Your goals become ours. We pull out all the stops, expanding your network and connections so that you can drive your small company to profitability and growth, or guide your large company into a technologically superior future as expeditiously as possible.

Here are some examples of the personal care we take with our members:

  • Access to prospective customers and partners. The DCIA helps facilitate access to Member companies’ specific affiliate firm targets. For new Members, we spend time to understand your business focus and identify who you need to meet. DCIA leadership has broad access throughout the content, media, and technology communities that we use for the benefit of Member companies. We make it faster, easier, and cheaper for you to meet the dealmakers.
  • Strategic alliance opportunities. The DCIA identifies and facilitates partnerships among DCIA Member companies regularly. Many DCIA Members are currently involved in business alliances with other Members as a result of the DCIA’s work. We connect, so you can build.
  • Business development and strategic planning. The DCIA provides individualized strategic support to Member companies. We offer workshops on how to get the most value from DCIA conferences, with organizational tips and checklists. You’ll reap the highest return from your membership investment.

“The DCIA introduced us to one of its larger professional services Member companies with whom we held a brief series of meetings. As a result of these meetings, we were introduced by the larger company to the global industry leader in our space and are now involved in strategic partnering negotiations. All this in a few short months. The value of our DCIA Membership has been recouped manifold times.”
– A new software application provider*

There’s more…

  • Exposure to DCIA Members. We now number approximately 140 Member companies, including major players in each sector of our emerging industry. Want to meet them? We’ll introduce you.
  • Participation in industry standard setting and best practices. The DCIA sponsors industry working groups focused on critical areas. For example, the P4P Working Group, which was established by a small software firm and large ISP – two Member companies – has grown to more than 100 participating companies worldwide; developed, tested, and commercially deployed new technology; and contributed to related IETF standards setting. We offer a platform for you to get involved to help build the industry and contribute your expertise.
  • Access to investors for joint ventures. Some of the DCIA’s own Members are venture capital funds. In addition, the DCIA regularly introduces Member companies to other funding sources. Money is waiting to invest in digital media and cloud computing – we’ll show you who is smart money in this space.
  • Specific business opportunities. On a regular basis, DCIA leadership identifies business opportunities and provides the information to Member companies where this is most relevant. We are your extended business development arm.

“We approached the DCIA with a focused assignment assessing providers of a particular type of new technology. The organization responded in short order with a workable slate of best-of-breed candidates from among hundreds of potential targets touting expertise in this area. Within weeks, we entered due diligence with our selected choice and consummated a multi- million dollar strategic investment and commercial alliance.”
– A large international telecommunications industry leader*

Not only that…

  • Member conference discounts at DCIA and partner conferences. It costs less to do more when you join the DCIA.
  • Regular press coverage in DCINFO, the weekly DCIA online newsletter. We start new Member companies with an announcement in DCINFO and cover their news on a regular basis. Over 8,700 industry leading participants waiting to read about your company.
  • Speaking opportunities at DCIA conferences. We put on at least four conferences per year in conjunction with other major trade shows including CES and NAB and in partnership with other organizations including the Cloud Computing Association (CCA). Ready to showcase your company? We’ll get you in front of your customers.
  • Prominent speaking opportunities at other events. We regularly place DCIA Members on panels at other trade shows and conferences. In addition, we often provide full sessions CLOUD COMPUTING topics at major trade shows. You’ll be an industry expert speaking before target audiences.

“On a recent multi-meeting trip to the US for our CEO, the DCIA arranged more meetings with analysts, the media, and the press than our PR firm, plus helped us with our positioning and message points, and arranged several conference speaking engagements for us. We determined that we no longer needed to have a PR firm – just our DCIA Membership.”
– An overseas technology specialty firm*

  • Enhanced public relations. In addition to coverage in DCINFO, the DCIA assists Member companies in developing and distributing white papers and disseminating information to the press. We get you the exposure you seek.
  • Access to personnel. The DCIA serves as an informal clearinghouse for talent at the intersection of the digital media and cloud computing sectors. We’ll help you source who you need for new assignments as you grow.
  • Networking. At every event organized by the DCIA or attended by the DCIA, we help Member companies network successfully. Everyone on the DCIA team is an expert on networking. We put that talent to work on your behalf, connecting you with personal introductions to customers, partners, and investors.

“The DCIA helped with the development of our business plan and private placement memorandum (PPM) by providing industry data and research information. Then the DCIA helped us with our PPT presentation based on them. The DCIA helped us identify strategic investors. Finally, the DCIA gave candid assessments of our business to targeted venture capital firms resulting in our closing a multi-million dollar round of financing.”
– A three-year old start-up company*