Working Groups

One of the services provided by the DCIA is the administration of industry working groups. DCIA Working Groups are typically established upon the request of two or more Member companies or at least one Member company and a major government agency, and are typically focused on developing a technological solution or process or business practice or methodology to solve a specific problem or issue that has been identified by the working group’s charter founders as an impediment to industry advancement.

DCIA Working Groups are typically formed for a fixed duration – often a year or less – with very specific guidelines regarding the problem they have been formed to solve and the deliverables they have been chartered to provide.

The DCIA’s role in these Working Groups includes formalizing a mission statement with the founding participants; creating necessary working group formation, legal compliance, and operational documents; recruiting working group participants from among DCIA Member companies and appropriate third parties; hosting working group meetings and providing timely minutes to participants; facilitating other working group activities such as laboratory tests and field trials; coordinating the production of working group deliverables such as technical protocols, business process guidelines, or consumer communications procedures; and  issuing public statements and conducting press events regarding working group progress and deliverables.

Below are summaries of prior and current DCIA Working Group activities.

Advancement of Digital Rights Management (ADRM) Working Group

Mission Statement

P2P-for-Games Working Group (PFGWG)

Mission Statement

P3P Working Group (P3PWG)

Mission Statement

Leadership Summary


Inadvertent Sharing Protection Working Group (ISPG)


Compliance Report

P4P Working Group (P4PWG)


Mission Statement

P4P Overview

Presentations from January 8, 2008 Special Meeting

P2P Digital Watermark Working Group (PDWG)

Mission Statement

White Paper

Consumer Disclosures Working Group (CDWG)

P2P Software Risks

Peer-to-Peer Parents And Teens React On Line (P2P PATROL)

P2P PATROL Website

P2P Revenue Engine (P2PRE)

P2P Revenue Engine

P2P Music Models (P2PMM)

P2P Music Models