Adam Marcus

Adam earned his J.D. from Santa Clara University in May 2007 and M.A. in Communication, Culture & Technology from Georgetown University in 2003. He also has a B.A. with honors in English from the University of Florida. His article on the FCC’s media deregulation policies was published in Volume 3, Issue 1 of I/S: A Journal Of Law And Policy for the Information Society. His masters thesis, which focused on digital music copyright policy issues, received an award of distinction from his department and he presented it at the 2003 Telecommunications Policy Research Conference.

Adam interned at the Cato Institute in 2002, assisting with research about media consolidation effects, foreign ownership rules, new broadcast technologies, and intellectual property bills.

As a volunteer for the Future of Music Coalition from 2001 to 2003, he coordinated a team of 14 volunteers hosting a 2-day conference with over 500 attendees. Adam also helped define, assemble, and analyze data for a breakthrough study of radio consolidation “Radio Deregulation: Has It Served Citizens and Musicians?”

Adam has also worked as a technical writer, designed corporate websites, provided technical support, and has taught courses on DOS and Windows.

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